15 Stretching Exercises For Baseball Pitchers


If you’re looking for simple yet effective full-body stretching exercises for pitchers, you’re going to love this post.

Here’s a great routine that you can perform before practices or games to help you warm up the necessary muscle groups and joints to prevent muscle pulls and injuries while improving flexibility.

These are some of my favorite stretches for pitchers:

Daily stretching routine for pitchers

Time: 10 minutes
Exercise Reps How To Perform Exercise
Arm swing 10
  • Hold hands parallel with shoulders
  • Swing slowly forward and backward staying shoulder height
  • Work for more flexion and extension as you work
Arm rotation 10 alt
  • Keep hands shoulder height
  • Use small circular motion, slowly
Bend and reach 10
  • Feet wide, arms out, throw hands and arm up over and down outside opposite foot
  • Work for trunk rotation and flexion stretching lower back and side muscles
Trunk flexion and extension 5
  • Both hands over head, locked together
  • Go back as far as you can (extension), then bend and reach as far as you can forward touching the ground in front
  • Reach back as far as you can between your feet, then repeat each step
Trunk twist 5 alt
  • Start in the same hands over head position
  • Rotate trunk in a circular motion – 10 to right, 10 to left
Trunk rotation
  • Standing, feet shoulder width apart – hands behind head
  • Slowly rotate upper body keeping feet in place
  • Work for horizontal rotation of spine from waste up
Hamstring 5 alt
  • Stand upright, place heel in front of toe
  • Slowly bend over touching ground – do not bounce, stretch slowly hold maximum flexion 4 counts
  • Alternate foot position after 2-3 stretches
Groin 3 alt
  • Feet wide apart, turn body over right by pointing right toes away
  • Keep left foot in place, foot facing forward
  • Put weight on right thigh bending chest over thigh. Do not bounce, rock slowly to maximum stretch – hold 4 counts
  • Alternate leg position – face other direction
Achilles tendon 3 alt
  • Same position as groin stretcher, except keep the back leg straight, heel on the ground
  • Both feet will now point in the same direction
  • Force back leg back and straight, heel down – hold for 4 counts
Wrist extension and flexion 5 alt
  • Standing, straighten throwing arm out in front with the other arm and hand, pull fingers and hand back, wrist extension to full range of motion
  • Then, pull hand down and back, wrist flexion
Arm extension 5 alt
  • Stand tall- reach as high as possible with the throwing arm
  • Stretch entire body-extend up on balls of feet-rally stretch forearm, biceps, shoulder and side
Hitch-hiker 5
  • Standing, place throwing hand on waist
  • Slowly lift hand and arm up keeping elbow as high as shoulder
  • Extend throwing hand up and back in the cocked position as far as possible; bring hand back slowly to waist
Rotator cuff 8-10
  • Standing, place throwing arm up – elbow level with shoulder, elbow flexed at 90 degrees, hand up
  • Slowly carefully, keeping the elbow up, work for maximum extension back, then slowly maximum flexion forward – keep elbow at shoulder height
  • Do this exercise very slowly
Lunges 10 alt
  • Standing, alternating legs, stride out on a flexed lead leg and dip back knee to the ground
  • Step back with lead leg and repeat using the other leg as the stride leg
Thrower’s stretcher 10
  • Standing – lead foot in forward throwing position
  • Hands together, in front of body
  • Go through a 50%-speed throwing motion – use a full arm circle, work for full extension forward and downward
  • Flex at waist – lay the chest on the thigh of the lead leg
  • Only roll the pivot foot over, but keep in place
  • Finish with the throwing arm outside of the lead leg – with a long arc of deceleration

Source: Chicago Cubs organization

After completing this routine, you’ll be fully ready to throw.

If you still feel any arm or shoulder stiffness, use the med ball program found in my TUFFCUFF Jr pitching program.

Of course, notify your coach(es) or trainer(s) if any unusual soreness or stiffness persists.

And when you throw, concentrate on proper technique and always focus on a target.