2 Quick Fixes For Those Days When Your Pitches Aren’t Working


When I work with pitchers in a practice setting or on the side, there are generally two things I try to never let happen:

  1. I never allow pitchers to reach fatigue.
  2. I never allow pitchers to become overly frustrated.

Pitchers generally reach fatigue when they have thrown 25-30 pitches in a row.

You can usually see it in their mechanics and with their command of the strike zone.

Since I love to see pitchers get out of an inning in around 12-15 pitches, I usually have my guys work in sets of 15 in the bullpen, with breaks of 3-5 minutes in between.

This allows them to get a feel for an economical inning and also keeps the bullpen fresh.

If a pitch such as the slider or change up isn’t working on a given day for one of my guys and we have tried a few different things  to fix the issue to no avail, I’ll usually take the pitcher off the mound and we’ll do some work in the outfield instead.

This accomplishes a three things:

  • it removes him from the mound
  • it gives him a different environment, and
  • it allows us to work on flat ground without over stressing the arm

This tends to divert the pitcher’s attention from a troublesome pitch and will often times fix the problem. 

Then we can go back to the mound with confidence.