4 Pitching Mechanics Techniques Seen In Elite Pitchers


If you’ve been reading my blog and following my youth pitching instruction for some time, you know I firmly believe not all pitchers should pitch exactly the same way.

But after studying many professional and college pitchers over the years, I have discovered that through the critical phase of pitching… i.e. from the hand break through the deceleration phase… most successful pitchers use basically the same arm action.

Corey Kluber is a good example of a pitcher with a great arm action:

Corey Kluber pitching mechanics gif

You can certainly see why he’s been so dominant in Major League Baseball for the past few years.

Some of the other common traits I have observed in successful pitchers like Kluber are as follows:

  1. Proper balance, flexibility and control of the body
  2. Good upright body, slight shoulder tilt and arm alignment
  3. Proper weight transfer from the back foot to the front foot
  4. A long smooth arc of deceleration of the pitching arm outside the opposite throwing knee