Why Starting Pitchers Should Take The First Inning More Seriously


The first inning of a ball game means different things to different people.

Take, for example, fans…

For fans, the first inning is all about getting settled in their seats, and getting started on that hot dog, nachos and Diet Coke they picked up at the concession stand on their way in.

For a starting pitcher, it’s different…

The first inning is time to get to business.

Did you know that according to MLB stats, more runs are scored in the 1st inning than any other in baseball?

13% of all runs scored happen in the first inning.

The 6th inning is the second highest runs scored (12%). The 9th inning is the least (2%).

Max Scherzer certainly knows something about this…

Max Scherzer pitching mechanics gif

In 2015, Scherzer threw 2 no-hitters.

What’s notable about those performances is that in both games, he started off the first inning absolutely dominating opposing hitters by executing his pitches and hitting his spots.

Scherzer, like many successful big league pitchers, certainly understands that those first three outs of a game are superĀ important.

The bottom line is this:

Be sure to come out of the bullpen sharp.

Be game ready.

Set up yourself to be successful from the very first pitch, and then don’t give upĀ until the last out of the game.