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Youth Pitching Instruction


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NEW! TRAINING GUIDE FOR YOUTH PITCHERS AGES 7-14 » is packed with baseball pitching instruction, tips and advice for parents and coaches of youth pitchers ages 7-14.

On this website, two-time MLB draft pick and former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis shares his secrets on:

  • Pitching mechanics
  • Pitch selection
  • How to throw different pitches
  • Arm care and conditioning
  • Fielding the position
  • Mental strategies

It's simply the most comprehensive instructional resource available for parents and coaches of pitchers in USSSA, Super Series, AABC, Pony, Babe Ruth, NABF, AAU, Dixie, Cal Ripken, CABA, Youth Majors and Little League youth baseball.

Coach Ellis takes you inside the art and science of pitching so you can help your son or team pitch better, stay healthy, become more successful and have more fun on the pitcher's mound.

Free Pitching Tips

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