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    Youth Pitching Instruction


    Learn more about our 90-page training guide for youth pitchers ages 7-14


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    Regardless of your age or level of play, pitching is one of the most demanding skills in baseball. As you may know, the strains are even greater for youth pitchers, who, in the middle of such pressure, are still maturing and growing physically and mentally.

    Whether you're a beginning little leaguer or a longtime player, this website will give you just the kind of help you need to be successful and have more fun on the pitcher's mound.

    This youth baseball site covers all the basic fundamentals of pitching - from learning youth baseball pitching mechanics and techniques to teaching different pitches, pitching grips, drills and conditioning. is youth baseball's #1 resource for free pitching instruction and affordable training products for little league pitchers.

    Founded by former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis, its focus is helping the little league pitcher age 7 & up get the most from their natural pitching abilities, while reducing their risk to injury.

    You'll also learn simple techniques and strategies to develop pitching mental toughness and better control, as well as effective pitching arm-care tips to keep your body healthy.

    Remember this, one of the keys for long-term youth pitching success is to educate yourself on what are the common elements of a quality delivery. Then you must understand which mechanical faults will hold you back and which pitching drills you can do to fix each problem.

    For younger pitchers, there is no quick fix or magic bullet. Like anything else, if you want to be successful in little league pitching, you must know what to do. And when it comes to developing or teaching quality little league pitching mechanics, you must know not only what to do but why you are doing it, and finally, what the result will be that you are trying to produce.

    In other words, there is much more to developing rock solid baseball pitching mechanics than meets the eye.

    It is our sincere hope that this youth baseball pitching instruction on mechanics, grips, techniques, workouts, and strength training for increased velocity, better control while reducing the risk of pitching arm injuries will help pitchers of all ages reach their full potential.

    Our free baseball pitching instruction, information, tips and articles for youth pitchers will teach you how to how to develop a quality delivery that provides power and control while reducing the risk of arm injury.

    If you have the desire to reach your potential, then there is no place more successful than to prove that desire.

    Good luck and keep working hard!

    Steven Ellis
    Former Chicago Cubs pitching pro


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